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The 5 musicians, who already have a remarkable range of releases and concerts (including Soilwork, Lamb of God, Soulfly, Six feet under and many more) with their previous bands (HOPELEZZ, Traced by Enemies), now want to launch ARRIVNG HOME reconnect with old times.

The releases of the last 2 years (EP Part I: Truth, Decay of my soul) could convince the listeners as well as the press.

“The EP Part I: Truth lives up to the expectations that are being fueled. No compromises, hardly any experiments and high-quality Metalcore.” BLATTTURBO

"A Metalcore violence emerges from Düsseldorf in the Rhineland that couldn't be more raw." XOFanzine

“The sound is powerful and hits the listener head-on. The groovy passages make your neck muscles twitch and your feet start tapping.” AMMO

These form the basis for a new journey that begins on September 15th and wants to take you with it.

From December 2022 to March 2023, the band went to Timo Bonner's

(Our Mirage) Megablaster Studios and recorded a whole series of new songs. The 5 guys from Düsseldorf threw all their experience and heart and soul into one bowl and the result is a mix of energetic, melodic and memorable songs that go back to the roots of Metalcore without getting lost in the modern mush.

In Oktober 2023 Arriving Home signs with Easthaven Records.

Stay tuned for everything that follows. The journey starts now….

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